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Artist, Author, Mental & Spiritual Health Mentor, Coach for the Creative Mind
The John Morris

The John Morris

famous nature painter

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Looking for awe-inspiring, custom-made, rock-your-socks-off artwork that doesn't cost the earth?

Painting of nature, Pets, Portraits and more! Then this is for you!

From the Mind of one of Scotland's leading artists comes all that and more.

Click now and prepare to fall in love with art once more!


Are you struggling to break through in life?

Looking for something different and unique?

Then John's books are for you. In a style all of his own, John Writes Spiritual, Self-help, and historical fiction which are not only easy to read but also, keeps the reader engaged and entertained with each and every word!

Mental & Spiritual Health Mentor

Are you just starting out on your journey or been doing it a while but you're struggling to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Find each day a battle of; Anxiety, Stress, spirituality draining and have no idea why?

Trying to build a business but seem to be spinning your wheels?

Don't give up. Help is Here


Art made with you in mind!


An amazing way to collect all of John's painting of nature without breaking the bank.

With our wide variety of options and sizes available we guarantee to have something that you will fall in love with again and again.

Learn How To Paint With John!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint but have no idea where to begin?

Click the link below and begin your artistic journey today!

You're in safe hands.

The Store

A really cool place - to purchase really cool things.

From art to books, Prints to Inspirational collectibles, The Store is the place to order them all.

Great quality at affordable prices and only the best in customer service from us to you!

~ Author ~

Best-Selling Author Of Self Help & Historical Fiction

The Battles We All Face!

Do you struggle with day-to-day life?
Feel you're spinning your wheels with no way out?
Then this book WILL help! 

In a world filled with over 9 billion people, what you are, have and will 
go through has been seen before. 
You are not alone! 

Taking 40 of the most common struggles, which people face daily, 
Artist, Author & Mental Health Mentor John Morris, breaks down-simply and 
concisely not only 
what an issue is or may be but also,
 how to overcome it. 
These pages will tell you what many Guru's, Coaches and Mentors will not!
Packed not only with great teachinng but also John's artwork, 
this is a must to keep close 
by you at all times!

Our Life in Scotland Blog

From life in Scotland to her own views and opinions 
of how things are, 
Katie Morris, 
writes some of the most exiting Blog posts around. 
From coping with long term pain, 
how to prepare for hard times, 
to life in Scotland, stories from home and more, 
this is one blogger who is
 genuine, interesting and will keep you coming back for more!

John also occasioanlly writes his own blogs 
and shares views on: Art, History, The Way of the World, 
Funny stories about their lives in Scotland, Psychology 
and his studies and so much more!

Brand New Series Coming Soon!

~ Mentoring ~

Creative Business & Behavoural Psycology

Mentoring sessions

 Struggling to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Want an understanding and guiding hand to help along the way?

Find each day a battle of; Anxiety, Stress, and spirituality draining but have no idea why?

Trying to build a business but seem to be spinning your wheels?

Don't give up. Help is Here

Self- Help-Courses

Have you ever wanted to study art but don't know where to begin?

Struggling to get from where you are in life to where you want to be?

Want to build your very own art business or simply do a little art therapy?

We have all that and so much more.

Click here now!

~ About John ~

Artist - Author - Coach For The Creative Mind

Famous nature painter

Besides being a best selling author & mental health mentor, John Morris is also a famous nature painter, pets and more.

John was born in Huddersfield West Yorkshire (England) John was the only child of Robert and Sandra.

He lived in a smallish two-bedroom townhouse on the outskirts of the town.

Home of John morris

Some of his fondest memories are of the bright summer skies and rolling green fields that could be seen from outside his parents’ bedroom window.

Even from an early age, John’s practice of imagination was clearly powerful and vivid as he would create character after character in his imagination to simply amuse himself...


Mind Body & Soul -  Creative Business Made Simple!

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