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Unwell! Gritting it out when…
Unwell! Gritting it out when…

Unwell! Gritting it out when…

Unwell! Gritting it out when.


I hate everything about sickness. Having lived with colitis since I was 15, I have tried very hard to achieve and maintain a level of health which allows me to live a normal life.

Seriously though, all humour aside, we in this house, hate being sick. I used to be terrified of getting sick. Sickness for me, either mean my mum sending me to school come rain or shine, unless I was violently ill, or being in bed or hospital. Naturally, this is one of the many reasons why I hate being sick lol.

Whenever we are ill it doesn’t ‘just happen’ it often comes as a result of our own imbalance, putting things into our bodies – it neither wants or needs or as a result of keeping ourselves under too much pressure or stress. Mine, was too much sugar. Birthdays, weddings, parties, the odd sweet, all contain sugar. Sugar paralyzes the white blood cells, preventing them from acting as they normally would.

This past week, I’ve had a stinker of a cold. It started out on Tuesday as nothing more than a tickle in the throat. By Wednesday, it had mutated into a sore throat and burning tongue and by Thursday it had left my throat and moved in to my nose setting up snot street station.


Trying to fight on when unwell!

I’m from the old way of doing things where by we grit things out. As someone who had to rebuild their live and businesses several times, I know what it takes to keep on going. However, when writing, this can be quite tricky.

When we’re ill, divine spirit from within is often trying to send us the message that we need to rest, we have been going too long in unhealthy ways or we simply need to stop! Trying to force things will not help us in the long term and will do little if anything to improve our surroundings. Listening to our bodies, is a great place to begin – the place of true wisdom. So, that’s what I started doing. I did what I could, rested when I needed to and allowed my body the time it needed to repair itself.

A chapter, which would normally have taken a day or two to edit was taking 6 or 7 days to get through and much more effort. Only when I was reminded of my own life principal

Let all things flow and never force!

Did I stop completely. Amazingly, the second I stopped and tuned into Charlotte Bronte’s Jayne Aire, did I feel inspired.

When we are seeking an answer and it isn’t coming right away – don’t huff, don’t bleet, just accept that there is either something you have to learn, now is not the right time or that something needs to happen before what you write, paint, sing of or speak, becomes all that it truly should be.

Never force anything, just allow it to be.

When unwell, perhaps you need to be. Amazing things can happen when we stop trying!

That’s all for today!

Namaste my friend, until next time!

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