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Why oh I why, did I choose to write?
Why oh I why, did I choose to write?

Why oh I why, did I choose to write?

Why oh I why, did I choose to write?

I got up this morning as I usually do only this morning, something was different. I had to write.

Hi there, and how are you on this fine day?

It wasn’t that my sore throat had morphed into a head cold, which was more snotty and tiring than anything else. It was a quiet prompting, an initial knowing that I had to write.

I don’t know if anyone shall ever read this but if they do, and it should be you, then I hope you enjoy it.

I am so much more than an artist or an author, or even deeply spiritual guy who sometimes just happens to share a thought or point of view that means something to somebody at the right time. I’m filled with more stories than the Beano, had more note worthy experiences than a traveler and have fun in the simple, the mundane.

Some of the stories which I shall share with you may seem completely random. Some, will be funny. Others sad or challenging and others, simply will be about life.

So, here goes.

I’m presently working on my second book and the first in a new book series. I have been secretly working on this for about two years now and have been researching it for over a decade. While I shan’t tell you much about the book itself, I shall tell you how it came to be, the journey I have been on in writing it and why I know it is something special. Notice how I did not say will be, but rather IS.

If you know anything about me, you know how I believe everything is divine. Nothing happens by chance or by coincidence. If you look back throughout your life you most likely will see this to be true. Everything that you have done, every tiny do you have marked, touched, said, thought, has lead you to exactly where you are right here right now.

Life is always a journey, never a destination.

While trying to figure out how to best market my artwork back in 2016, a former team member suggested to me that I should try and pain historical time pieces. They are after all, so much easier to market than fantasy pieces. It seemed like a good idea and I complied.

I didn’t know it at the time, but in that moment, my life had just changed forever. I had taken onboard an idea which would develop into something rather incredible.

An art – history – docu-drama, was the niche market which I was seeking entrance to. I was going to teach a bit of painting, a bit about the place the painting was of and a bit about what life would have been like during the time period set. This was a tall order. What was I thinking?

I filmed and filmed, turning the office I now sit in, into a green screen room. it’s only purpose to be fit for filming, painting, acting and to bring the vision to life. It was amateur to say the least. I did my very best, but no matter what, I had to realise that this task was something simply beyond me.

Everything happens for a reason

They say that everything happens for a reason, there is great truths to those words.

In 2021, the world went into lock-down and everything for us shut down.

With no idea, what was coming next, how we would make money or even if we could keep our new home, I had to get focused on what mattered.

I returned to painting for clients near and far. We were out of the worst of things.

I returned back to what I knew. But something inside me ached for so much more.  

In 2021 an amazing spiritual awakening took place within me. While I shall save the details of this story for another time, I shall tell you that it was incredible and I have never seen life quite the same since.

With that in mind, I proceeded into life strongly, alive, awake.

I began to see things in a newer way. Things which I had believed for many years, I now found others shared the exact same thoughts and beliefs. I was no longer alone.

Fast forward into May or June time and this idea which had been bubbling away at me for some time, now wouldn’t leave me alone. I had to transfer what I had filmed, studied, thought of – my every waking moment, into a book. An incredible book.

I told my wife. She is always supportive of anything I go after. I think that’s why we never have a dull moment, because there is always such passion and drive in everything that we do. But even I, believed, she had to think I was insane.

I didn’t have a good education. I didn’t absorb things well. Physically I have dyspraxia and dyslexia of the mind, restless eye syndrome combined with amaurosis fugax – occasional temporary blindness.

When writing things, she had to help me a lot. Every day I need to practice speaking just to remain clear and (sound) intelligent.

So, when I told her I was going to write, not only a novel but a best selling novel, she probably thought I was crazy.

Determined in my new spiritual conquest, I was confident that I could do this. After all, many others had before me. Some, with far worse conditions than mine.

Everything is figure-out-able…

Study that which you desire to become! A motto which you may have heard me use many times in my shows, interviews and podcasts. It is true. I set to work, with God as my co-partner and began writing. Within 11 days, the first draft was written. The story had unfolded right before my eyes.

It was so powerful, so gripping, enthralling and magnificent that I was doing this and I was really enjoying it. An entire world had opened up before my very eyes. Characters, whom I had never met, stories I had never heard, situations, discussions, teachings I could never dream of, all flowed through me and onto the page.

Katie, read the first draft. It surprised her. It was most certainly not what she was thinking. When the book is released next year and if you choose to purchase a copy, within the first 5 pages, you will see why.

Ever the trooper, she read on and eventually found herself jealous by one of the characters and then understanding that same character deeper, found herself falling in love with said character.

She would ask me questions such as: Why would this happen, why would he do this, why have you written this?

I learned amazing spiritual lessons throughout the writing of this book. One of the greatest being

‘God may take you to the well, but it is up to you to drink the water. He may show you the entire plan of your life, but it is up to you to do the work!’

I had to go deeper within.
I’m so glad that I did.

What unfolded over edit after edit, conversation after conversation, study after study was more depth, more story, more life. It was amazing. I think writing this series truly saved me.

I was all in. Other ideas previously had come and gone but this, this would not leave me alone. The characters would not leave me alone.

Every single day, I studied up on grammar, writing, sentence structure, getting rid of the fluff. (empty words and meaningless sentences) I sat under some of the greatest modern writers of our time; Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, Walter Mosley, Amy Tan, Neil Gaiman, RL Stein and so many more. Every day learning, listening, writing, and working until eventually I had co-crafted a story that I knew could impact millions.

All was coming together. I spiritually asked for a publisher, a publisher was found. First, one in Canada. When doubts started entering into my mind, regards out ‘fit’ for one another, another presented themselves, based in the UK.

This has been my greatest joy. As I am now well entrenched in the next phase of my life, I can only say that sometimes Life is, simply choosing what you want to do and going after it, letting each step be revealed to you as and when you are ready for it.

There is much more to say and to share with you, I hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peak into our lives and stories. It does feel so good to be writing this to you. I felt it necessary.

Until next time.

Namaste my friend…

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