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Never too old for a magical surprise!
Never too old for a magical surprise!

Never too old for a magical surprise!

Adorable lady receives amazing Christmas Surprise! See the surprise on her face as she Santa leaves her something special.

Imagine being advanced in years and still able to be surprised!

Never too old for a magical surprise!

Imagine coming downstairs on Christmas morning to open your presents. You believe that all Santa left you is a pair of socks or a sweater. However, what you find is something rather unique, handmade and very special awaiting you under the tree.

Moreover, imagine being in your golden years and still being able to be surprised.

Well, that’s exactly what Sandra did for her mother. She gifted her a special memory on canvas painting, ordered in the Christmas season of 2022
John Morris creates some of the most beautiful artwork of pets, people, landscapes, seascapes, mountainscapes and more.

How It All Happened…

Sandra got in touch with John and inquired if he would be willing to do a painting of the family’s beloved fur-babies that had graced their home over their lives. The only problem was that the painting had to be made up from individual pictures.
Having nearly 20 years of experience, John was able to do this without any problem. He knew this (like so many he’d done in the past) would be a wonderful painting to behold.

Consequently, he was only too happy to take on the commission. A few weeks later he dazzled Sandra when he shared photos of the completed painting with her.
Sandra, knowing her mother would absolutely love the art work, made sure not to miss the very special moment of her opening her gift being captured on camera.
Sandra’s mother was not only delighted when she unwrapped her painting, but was overcome by a flooding of memory, emotion and tears.

Take a look!

As you can see here in this video, John’s art work touched her life, as he does with all who are lucky enough to own a custom made John Morris Art from the Heart painting.

Never too old for a magical surprise!
See John’s work by clicking the photo above or

In essence, this surprise proved many things, but mainly that even in our golden years, one has not seen everything yet.

Order yours today!

John paints for people around the world and is a sheer delight to work with. With over 20 years experience, John has literally shipped paintings from here to Timbuktu and back again. His artwork had reached the four corners of the known planet.
John is easy to reach and even easier to work with! Connect with him directly at to place your very own order.

Bring a smile to yours, or a loved one’s face, just like Sandra did, with a stunning commissioned portrait painting by John Morris.

This adorable lady received a wonderful Christmas Surprise! And so can you!

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