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The power of mountains from the comfort of home

The power of mountains from the comfort of home

Welcome to my mountain time paintings gallery

Lake louise
Country roads
Mountain painting
mountain painting
the spirit bear
mountain art

The power and peace of the mountains from the comfort of your own home!

  • “Mountain Oil Painting: Secluded Path To The Misty Mountain”

  • 9 Mountains Framed canvas

  • Bear painting – Tyson the black bear painting – Framed canvas

  • Bear painting compilation – Framed canvas

  • Bears wandering through the snow Framed canvas

  • Country Roads – Mountainscape painting

  • Fire in the mountains – Mountain painting – SOLD

  • Hugo the black bear painting Framed canvas

  • Jasper Alberta – mountain landscape painting. – Sold

  • Just before fresh snow comes Framed canvas

  • lake Louise painting – Mountainscape

  • Levi The black bear painting Framed canvas

  • Little Retreat Framed canvas

  • Mountain art – The Dreamland Express – (SOLD)

  • Northern lights Bears in the Northern Lights Painting

  • Rocky Mountains Winter get away Framed canvas

  • Sacred falls- Waterfall painting – (Sold)

  • Storms a comin’ Framed canvas

  • The Amazing Hugo Bear painting Framed canvas

  • The Spirit Bear Mountainscape/wilderness painting

  • Wonderland fare – Mountainscape painting

  • Zeus the black bear painting – Framed canvas


The powerful mountain time paintings

Do you look around your home and feel an abundance of life, warmth, or colour? No?

What do you think is missing? When we ask our other clients this they often respond with "Art-work"
Artwork makes a home come to life. Custom artwork makes the home feel like yours. It comes to life with your character and tastes.

With our powerful paintings of nature, you are guaranteed to view art pieces that can change your mood, mindset, and ultimately your life, and if you don't see something that you fall in love with then contact us right away to begin discussing ideas for your very own custom made masterpiece.

mountain paintings are some of the most amazing and awe-inspiring artworks that you, family, and friends will fall in love with over and over again and you may just be amazed how popular you become when people see the amazing art inside your home.


  • Each mountain time painting comes varnished to protect the artwork and deepen the colours
  • Each painting is made with the highest quality materials and has been created in acrylic, oil, or a mixture of the two.
  • All art comes ready to hang unless stated.
  • The sizes listed are in inches
  • Worldwide delivery is included in the price.
  • Can't see what you're looking for? Then contact us right away our friendly team is on hand and ready to help and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Shipping - Paintings are usually packed and shipped the same week of purchase and normally take 2-3 weeks for delivery. ( Depending upon the country)