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How To Build A Successful Art Business
How To Build A Successful Art Business

How To Build A Successful Art Business



How to build a successful art business: Have you ever wanted to start your own art business but have no idea where to begin?

Or you have started your business, done OK for a while but now find yourself spinning your wheels?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. So the question is what are YOU going to do about it? Change or stay where you are?

In this How to build a successful art business course, I will walk you through step by step how to build a successful art business but also how to create sustainability within your business.

Session one –

  • Starting where you are with what you have
  • John’s story
  • How to create a portfolio of your work
  • Social media and how it works
  • Getting clear about what you want to achieve and where to sell your work and so much more

Session 2

  • Going deeper with social media
  • Why it is a must for your business
  • Which social media platforms do what?
  • Mailing lists

Session 3

  • How to write and the importance of the written word to engage an audience
  • The do’s and don’t of marketing with words
  • How to tell a story
  • How to use video for marketing

Session four –

  • How to build a brand
  • Product line
  • how to create residual/multiple income streams
  • How to research your target market

Session 5

  • Sales funnels
  • Obstacles
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • How to conduct yourself

Session 6

  • Sales training
  • Sales funnels
  • Price vs value
  • “Let me think about it”

So if you have sat there and wondered what it takes to build a successful art business, wonder no more, wait no longer, and begin unlocking your creative talents today. I will see you inside the class and I look forward to joining you, teaching you, and seeing you succeed.

This course is for all who desire to succeed in the world of their art business.

Those who are new in the world of business and not sure about what to do or how to access areas.

And even for those who have been in the game for a while and feel they are floundering. THIS IS FOR YOU! Here is your How to build a successful art business course!


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