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How to paint seascapes
How to paint seascapes

How to paint seascapes


How to paint the Red Blossom Tree

The Red Blossom Tree in its origins was all about standing out from the crowd and being different. For years I have had the privilege of painting this one and many have wanted to learn. So here you are.

In this tutorial I teach you step by step.

From beginning to end how to paint the awesome Red Blossom Tree

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

Class 1 ~ Create the classic background
Class 2 ~ Create trees in the distance
Class 3 ~ Create foliage
Class 4 ~ And bring the roots of a tree to life
All that and much much more



How to paint seascapes In this video, I want to share with you how to paint before the stars.How to paint seascapes

Over 3 hours of great teaching

This painting was designed to teach students all over the world the joy of painting. It’s sad that many want to paint and express themselves creatively. However, many live in fear of getting it wrong, or what others may think. In this DVD I want to teach you to step by step how to unlock your creative talent, that you too, may be able to paint like me and release what is inside of you.

Class 1 – Laying the sunset

Class 2 – Mountains and snow

Class 3 – Painting the base of the sea

Class 4 – How to create waves

Class 5 – Adding detail

Class 6 – How to paint the beach

Class 7 – Final details


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