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‘Puss in boots the last wish of a dying lady!
‘Puss in boots the last wish of a dying lady!

‘Puss in boots the last wish of a dying lady!

Puss in boots the last wish of a dying lady

There she lay, her last breaths a struggle. All that she had left to cling to were a series of paintings I had created for her.

At 7:02 on a cold December morning, Linda Beaumont breathed her last and left this mortal coil. She was aged… well we shall leave that alone.

Why am I telling you this? Because, Linda was perhaps one of my favourite clients of all time. Her ready witt, love of crossword puzzles, knitting and the simpler life of the ways of old, all fed into the amazing lady that I called my friend.

Our story…

It was just after lunch one morning in February, the prior year to her death that she asked me why I loved paintings cats. “What is it that you love about them?” She asked. ” Why Linda, painting cats are some of my most favourite subjects to create.”
“Bringing them to life is sheer magic. Anyone can paint a cat. The fur, the face, the ears, nose, skin. But bringing the animal to life, that’s where the magic lies.”

Tell me more she cried as the nurses came in to tend to her.

So I did. Through the power of voice mail’s and Facebook messenger, I told her how the magic lies in the eyes. Eyes which are made up of nothing more than four very simple circles. And usually three very simple colours. Mixing them in the correct proportions, getting the highlight in exactly the right place and a right touch here and a right touch there and finally adding the right shimmer, is the very thing that brings the cat’s eyes to life.

In this video, I want to share with you a painting that she commissioned me to do for her. This is just one of the many cats which I have brought to life over the past 20 years.

How I brought her cat to life…

So what can I tell you about Linda? An amazing lady based in Australia, one of the kindest, sweetest, dearest friends that you could ever hope to have.

She was a very loyal supporter of art from the heart, and particularly the artwork that I do.

An amazing lady who had an amazing spirit and that was always reflected in the artwork that she desired me to create for her.

Puss in boots the last wish Time to say goodbye…

The reason that I call this post ‘puss in boots the last wish’ is not only because of the new film release but also because that’s how she would refer to herself. I didn’t know it then that Linda’s carers would frequently come in and remark kindly of the beautiful artwork which she had displayed so proudly upon the walls. Artwork is something really magnificent, to know that the four corners of the world house at least one of my paintings in some way shape or fashion is rather wonderful.

I remember painting this picture vividly.

One of the first times I ever worked on a Siamese cat and Linda just happened to be my client. The subject was absolutely gorgeous.

The fur elegant, the eyes are beautiful, the poise the body. Everything was just right about this particular custom piece.

Completing it, I remember being delighted and knowing just how much she would love it and knowing how much joy it would bring to her.

Little did I know that unfortunately, only weeks later Linda would suddenly pass and her nurse would inform me that one of the last things that she held close to her was the paintings I had done for her.

How I remember her.

Life is all too brief for those who enjoy it. Only the miserable have a long life.

And how true that is for Linda. Even her darkest days and thickest struggles, she lived a very wonderful and joyful life.

She is a tremendously missed friend, client and confidant.

I’m sure she’d be delighted to know that just as she got to share and celebrate in all the artwork that I got to create for her.

Now 1000’s of people around the world also get to share in that same artwork each and every week.

So I hope you enjoy watching this little video as I reflect on my time painting for Linda and for so many others that I’ve painted for for the past 18 or 19 years

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Art has incredible powers of that. I am most certain

Painting cats eyes – the secret that of bringing them to life! Bringing cats to life through paint on canvas is one of the most amazing…

puss in boots the last wish

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